Governance Review & Restructuring
The board should not be static. It needs to evolve as the organization changes. A good governance review can help make sure your board is adhering to best practices. A governance restructuring process can make sure that the board’s structure aligns with your organization’s future needs. We can examine your governance structures and practices, and then provide advice and support for implementing needed changes. We use a variety of tools, including organizational document review, surveys and assessments, interviews and task force forces, and/or facilitated discussions or retreats, to tailor the outcomes to your unique needs.

Board Training Programs
Board education and training is an ongoing need in many communities. There is value in bringing together multiple organizations to work on good governance together. We can help design and deliver board training programs to your network of organizations. We use a variety of programs and resources to work with national organizations, foundations, state and local nonprofit councils, and companies to help support nonprofits in their networks.