We are very familiar with BoardSource’s excellent online assessment tools. In addition, we can create tailored tools when necessary.

Board Assessment
How does your board know if it’s doing its job well? A board must hold itself accountable for its own performance, and a board assessment is the most effective way to do this. A board assessment often includes an online survey and a facilitated discussion. The results provide the information and motivation needed to strengthen board performance, educate and engage all board members, and establish best practices and norms for your board. We can facilitate a board assessment process that results in a board action plan.

Chief Executive Assessment
How does the board provide support and supervision to your executive? An annual, written performance review is considered best practice. The board cannot hold the chief executive accountable without a common understanding of the evaluation process, management responsibilities, and annual goals. We can help you design and administer a formal performance review process that is constructive for both your executive and the organization.